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Baja Raptor Run 2018: Baja Norte Run


You’ve heard about it, now’s the time to do it!  Baja!  TRR has opened a second Baja Raptor Run since the demand is so high for this trip.  The trip will consist of four days of dirt in beautiful Baja Norte, March 24th – 28th.  You will experience some of the most fun Baja roads and Baja racecourse the peninsula has to offer.  This all-inclusive trip will be a blast for the owner of any Raptor, regardless of modifications or skill.  TRR has laid out a fun adventure that will take you from the Pine forest of Tecate, to the Pacific Ocean, then across to Sea of Cortez.  Our staff has years of Baja experience to make sure that you have a safe and fun trip.

When: March 24-28th.  (March 28th is travel to the border).
Cost:  $2000 per truck (two people)
Additional People: $500
Spots Available: 10

What’s included:

  • All Meals.
  • Hotels.
  • Event T Shirts.
  • Special Event Placards.
  • GPS files for LEADNAV and Lowrance.
  • Experienced on-trail guides.
  • Highway support with trailer.

What’s required:

  • 50W VHF Radio with ROOF MOUNT antenna (Not a handheld). I can help set you up with one if you need it, just email.
  • Valid passport for everyone you’re bringing.
  • A good way to secure everything in your bed. Big tool boxes turn into missiles, bungee cords break, things pop riveted in will pull out. Make it solid.
  • Replacement parts for your aftermarket stuff. (300M Pins for tie rods, UCAs, LCAs break and we can’t get replacements down there, spare SC belt if you have an SC is a requirement as well)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cooler (secured in bed)
  • Aftermarket lighting (don’t need tons, just something beyond stock)
  • SMALL tool kit emphasis on SMALL, we have all the raptor tools anyone could ever need.
  • Mexico Full Coverage Insurance. I like bajabound.com
  • Good attitude (we’re going to be late, it’s going to get dark on us, it may get cold, it will get hot, there are bugs, everything is pointy and pokey, the hotels may not be the greatest, we may miss dinner, etc… If any of these things along with a million other possibilities don’t seem like your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t come).**

How To Sign Up:

Only ten spots are available.  A 50% deposit is required to secure a spot.  Payment in full due by Feb 15, 2018.

Register Here


Please email or call if you have any questions!


Trey Palreiro




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