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  • Route will cover Raptor friendly dirt that even a lightly modified Raptor can handle. Some of my favorite trails in Baja.
  • We will have on HWY chase with a trailer for recovery and repairs.
  • The crew has over 50 years of combined Baja experience.
  • Embedded photographer and videographer documenting the entire trip.
  • Lodging included
  • Most meals included
  • Sandwiches
  • We will have 3 on trail support/guides and 1 HWY chase with a trailer, welders, tools, parts, window washing.

Trip Schedule:
TBD Cross Sept 15, return to USA Sept 23 (date subject to change, final date will be decided before April 15th draw)

Registration and Draw:

  • We are opening this up to 5 Raptors.
  • Register for a random draw for the 5 spots, drawing will be held April 15th.  Participants will be required to make a $1200 non-refundable deposit within 24 hours of the draw or the spot will go to the next person.
  • Register Here!

Required gear.

  • Mounted 50W VHF radio capable of TX on 151.775 (not handheld)
  • Lowrance GPS
  • Replacement parts for aftermarket stuff (300M pins for control arms, etc…)
  • Small Raptor tool kit
  • Salt Shaker
  • Good Attitude, willingness to go with the flow.
  • Aftermarket lighting
  • Cooler (drinks, and to assist with transporting lunch)
  • Good method to secure everything (subject to inspection by BRR staff)

Cost: $TBD est $3750-$4500 based on double occupancy.  Additional hotel rooms and meals extra $TBD


Estimated additional expenses

  • 250-300 miles per day. Fuel is roughly $3.50 in mexico. I get around 6 mpg in Baja.
  • Breakfast averages $7 per person, dinner $15
  • Ice and drinks ~$20 per day
  • Mexico Insurance $200-$300 (should be noted that they will not cover modifications only book value).