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Q: Do I need to mod my Raptor up to make this run (Bump Stops, etc…)?
A: No, a stock Raptor can handle this course just fine, as long as you have some wits and don’t drive beyond your limits and the truck’s limits.
Q: I’ve never driven off road before, and I don’t want to get nailed by a faster driver since I will be going slow.
A: We are going to break the group into skill levels, faster guys will go first and down the line, so if you’re new to this you will be able to take your time and get a feel for driving off-road.
Q: Will there be other vehicles or race cars on the track this weekend?
A: No, the track is completely reserved for the Raptor run.
Q: Do I need a GPS or VHF radio?
A: No, but they do come in handy. Treypal will have some radios for sale at the event, or you can purchase from him ahead of time.

Suggested Gear:
Good Tie-down Method
Tow Strap
2nd Spare Tire or Tire Plug Kit
Spare Fluids
Lowrance GPS
VHF Radio that is business band capable.