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Texas Raptor Run Event Rules

Texas Raptor Run’s has established the following rules.
• Helmet on at all times while on the track.
• 100% Sober Driving.
• Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated on trails or any time you are driving.
• Passengers may not drink on trails. There is no warning–first offense you will be asked to leave the ranch.
• Illegal drug use will not be tolerated any time during the event. There is no warning– first offense you will be asked to leave the event.
• No glass containers allowed outside of camp.
• No firearms.
• Stop or check on people pulled off on the trail.
• Call in any damage to the ranch immediately.
• No UTVs, etc on the trail.
• 15mph in the pits.
• 25mph on the caliche roads even if they are part of the track.
• No littering.
• No smoking on the trails.
• Know the limitations of yourself and your vehicle.
• Buckle up!
• Use common sense.
• All passengers must have a seat belt on, no one in the bed of the truck.
• We are not responsible for you during this event.
• Stay on existing marked trails – NO TRAIL BLAZING.
• Anyone under 18 must have parental supervision.
• Everyone coming to the event will be considered a participant and will be required to sign a release.

Required Gear:
DOT Approved Helmet.
First aid kit.
Fire extinguisher.
Tow strap.

Driver Classification: Drivers will be required to classify themselves based on their driving experience and the capabilities of their Raptor. No one should feel embarrassed and classify themselves higher than their actual skill level, this isn’t a race, we just want everyone to travel in groups at similar speeds.
Group C: Beginners with little to no off-road experience.
Group B: Beginners with advanced driving experience but little off-road experience.
Group A: Experienced off-road drivers.
Group U: Heavily modified Raptors: Highly Experienced drivers.

All Rules are subject to change.